the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Eric G. Muller - Two Poems

So What!

So what
If you don’t know
this or that!

As long as you still listen to the wind
hush through trees, or lash across
mountains, deserts or dunes;

and with closed eyes can detect the subtle
shifts in the nasals, plosives and  fricatives of nature’s
complex tongue as it tells its simple tales.

So what
if you don’t know
this or that!

As long as you keep the lenses
of all your senses clean – so you can make sense
of a world, made senseless by indoor knowledge.

What if you knew
the real from the false?
What if?

Now that would be
the kind of knowledge
that would  make sense!

Never Just Nothing

It’s never just nothing;
dust was and will be

something other.

Spores and seeds lead to more;
even a vacuum is an

in between,

A womb waiting for a
flash in the curving

firm-amen-t, when

Ousted semen stars fight
to survive the big current of the

silent bang,

And aftershocks
ripple down into

measured matter,

Shaped by time’s space
and the crises we know are

never just nothing.