the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Thursday 30 August 2012

Alan Britt - 1 Poem


Den of inequity rocking waves
of absolute resolution.

A ceramic gull cries,
dirty as a handkerchief
stuffed in the breast pocket
of the deaf wind.

Cries laundered in a gyroscope
of filthy socks and hospital gowns.

Gull, perhaps, or filthy tomcat
scaling the palace walls
via Elizabeth’s placenta-stained nightgown.

Out, out, damned angel of retribution!

The only salvation is the salvation
of nightmares!

Care for a gentle sip?

BIOGRAPHY: Alan Britt read poems at the World Trade Center/Tribute WTC Visitor Center in Manhattan/NYC, April 2012, at the We Are You Project (WeAreYouProject.Org) Wilmer Jennings Gallery, East Village/NYC, April 2012, and at New Jersey City University's Ten Year 9/11 Commemoration in Jersey City, NJ, September 2011. His poem, "September 11, 2001," appeared in International Gallerie: Poetry in Art/Art in Poetry Issue, v13 No.2 (India): 2011. His recent book is Alone with the Terrible Universe (CypressBooks 2011).

John Swain - 1 Poem

Red Calligraphy

The door to the sea
opens under the moon
like the ghost of words
I wrote to reveal
your understanding
of death’s impasse.
There is a distance
of ships like widows
veiled and unveiled
in the process
of a summer woman.
Between our hands
twists a red calligraphy
of apple branches
for each year
we served eternal
to love the way
we were made to rise
from wheat and fire.
I will always live
in your life
looking through
this arterial night.

BIOGRAPHY: John Swain lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Crisis Chronicles Press published his most recent chapbook, White Vases.

Diane Webster - 1 Poem


Some mankind built this wall
stone upon stone higher
and farther around the corner
now draped in vines
seeking root between cracks
widening by winter freeze
spring thaw every-expanding
sycamore roots pushing
this wall into forest assimilation
forgotten by some mankind
around the corner gone.

BIOGRAPHY: Diane Webster's challenge as a poet is to remain open to poetry ideas in everyday opportunities as well as those moments of epiphany. Then to allow her imagination to evolve that idea into a poem. Diane's work has appeared in “Philadelphia Poets,” “The Hurricane Review,” “Illya's Honey” and other literary magazines.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Stephen Jarrell Williams - 1 Poem


to come,
a beginning new,
this world
with its endless
pain and tears.

Forgiveness singing

in the wind,
a breath of everyone
under stars and sun.

A dream

that has always been,
to come.

BIOGRAPHY: Stephen Jarrell Williams loves to stay up all night and write with lightning bolts until they fizzle down behind the dark horizon.  He is the editor of Dead Snakes at