the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Sanju Unjore - 1 Poem

Stealing a flower

Amidst the rising agitation
And lengthening edginess
Brew a magical cure
To ease the thickening air
Offer her a special flower
With petals delicately shaped
In perfectly symmetrical curves
Brightly coloured
To lighten the darkening mood
A wishful thinking of the heart
That strained the brain to unimaginable lengths
Where to find a flower
In the middle of the drying concrete desert
With no flower merchants around
Let's steal a flower from a yard
Eyes seeking for the precious
Myriad of boring and common flowers
Yet there was no spark
That could seduce my heart
Then my heart stood still at the sight
Of a bush of wild white roses
On the sly
In all the secrecy
Of the act
Nearing the bush
Under the showering rain
And in the veiling mist
I chose the most
Visually appealing white rose
That I delicately stole for her.....

BIOGRAPHY: Sanju Unjore, from Mauritius is a researcher and English language teacher. He writes occasionally depending on his mood, inspired and influenced by his entourage and his teasing Muse.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Vernicia Rogers - 1 Poem

Distant Love

Have you ever loved someone
Hoping one day they’ll love you back?
Craving the mere essence of their touch
Knowing you’ll never be more than just friends.

Maybe you shared a moment with them…
A kiss or something more.
Yet all that was—a moment’s magic,
Never meant to grow.

Have you ever loved someone
Praying one day they’ll love you back?
Needing the very soul of their breath
Upon your very lips!

Maybe they once thought they loved you
Then moved on to someone else
And now you stand by restless on the sidelines
As you watch them share their love with someone else.

And you wonder... Why… no How?
How could something so real,
So magical, so intimate be so close yet so very distant?
How could a true journey become a dream… a fantasy?

How could they hang you out to dry in the cold as it rains
By sharing your desired love with someone else.
How dare they not feel the same for you…
How dare they flaunt their joy and put you through pain

How dare they force you to experience such a distant love?

BIOGRAPHY: Vernicia Rogers is an English Creative Writing Major at Seton Hill University. She is originally from the Virgin Islands and has published a poetry chapbook titled Poetically Musical. She also was part of a student publication of the Creative Non-Fiction course novel titled Revelations in Progress.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Chrissy Hessing - 1 Poem

Discontent Sunbather

Waves whisper
to her wandering mind.
Her yellow bikini rests
on a hot pink towel
caked with sunscreen.
Eyes slit to sun,
relaxed on sand,
she peacefully dreams
until pink Sharpies
In N Out milkshakes
OPI purple nail polish
Toll House cookie dough
red roses
MacBook Pro laptops
Tiffany’s diamond rings
dance across her horizon.

She must have them now!
But she’s too far away.
Tiny grains tickle her fingers,
salty breeze whooshes,
sun rays offer calm,
here’s not good enough.
There’s not either.
So she picks up her towel
and leaves.

BIOGRAPHY: Chrissy Hessing is an aspiring poet who loves spaghetti, thunderstorms, and her two crazy kittens. She wants to be a nurse after college and cannot wait to blog about her daily adventures.