the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Anu Fulena - 1 Poem

Greedy Horizon

You who always deceive dreamy eyes
Blurring edges
Smoothing rough planes
Convincing one that the lines are smudged
Today I saw you engulfing an inflamed fiery red ball
And I was wondering what taste it would have
In no time you sucked in the light
You voracious line
You who made men believe that the earth was flat
You who give hope to optimists that there’s always a place to go
You who make pessimists pine for the unreachable
I have witnessed your gluttony
And will not succumb to your seduction
That if I stretch out my arm
My fingers will reach the place
That place where I’ll be happy
That place where I’ll never be
Or be, but temporarily
Your avarice matches my insatiability
I live in the hope to eat a setting sun too
Just like you
And pray to labour
To give birth to a bright new sun
Meanwhile I’m keeping my eyes on you.

BIOGRAPHY: Anu Fulena is from Curepipe and is 23 years old, studying BA English at the University of Mauritius. She likes to walk, and it is usually then that she writes.