the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Amit Parmessur - 1 Poem

Unique Umbrella

Listen to me.
O my sweet, unique Umbrella friend!
You are the pronouns, prepositions and
verbs that govern the sentence of someone’s life.

O my sweet, unique Umbrella friend!
Your exotic beauty, brimming with
religious bells is the only
labyrinth any mad poet would venture into.

Your anger is the only adorable thorn
he would like to be stabbed with.

Listen to me!
Please hide from the rainbow.
Let that smile of yours bloom and
let the world relish its simplicity, its bliss.

O my sweet, unique Umbrella friend!
The sight of you holding
that giant mushroom is an antidote
to the fears raining like bent coins
upon the land of someone’s heart.

Please, hide from the rainbow.
She’ll be jealous.
Please, don’t venture into flowers.
They’ll hate themselves.
Yea, please, don’t sing with the pink doves.

I wish your umbrella would grow unique,
magical Wings and carry you where
the winds of Sorrow don’t breathe.

O my sweet, unique Umbrella friend!
Someone will write your Hebrew name all
over his clock, to make your beauty his the
whole day, till his last, slow, incomplete gasp.

BIOGRAPHY: Born in 1983, Amit Parmessur lives with his black cat nowadays. Since 2010, his poems have appeared in more than 100 literary magazines. His book on blog Lord Shiva and other poems has also been published by The Camel Saloon. He is nominated for the Pushcart Award and lives in Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius. As long as he gets published, he knows he is on the right track.