the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Smita Anand Sriwastav - 1 Poem

Lullabies of Night Breeze...

fluid syllables echoing
in the oblivion
of night sequined in
insomniac stars
on a nocturnal vigil,
are strung on strings of
silken moonbeams to form
a lullaby that allures sleep
from alleys of Morpheus,

to lull silhouetted trees
of eternal rustles
into tranquil slumber,
and waves of brine in turmoil,
splashing against the shores
in throes of serene siesta.

the lips of the night breeze
croon in sensual notes,
soft lullabies to the drowsy earth,
the lakes of rippling strains
are put to sleep by these songs,
the amber moon perched
over pedestal of clouds,
is induced to siesta beneath,
the duvets spun by tempest.

Biography: Smita Anand Sriwastav  is an M.B.B.S. doctor with a passion for poetry and literature. She has always expressed  her innermost thoughts and sentiments through the medium of poetry. A feeling of inner tranquility and bliss captures her soul whenever she pens her verse. Nature has been the most inspiring force for her. She has published two books and has published poems in journals like the Rusty Nail, Pyrokinection, Jellyfish Whispers, eFiction India, Literary Juice, Daily Love , Life As An, Behind Closed Doors and Contemporary Literary Review India and one of her poems was published in a book called ‘Inspired by Tagore’ published by Sampad and British Council. She has written poetry all her life and aims to do so forever.