the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Diane Webster - 2 Poems


As shadows stalk the evening sun
in longer and longer sneaks
until each rises in powerful pounce
and submerges earth into snatches of startled sight,
cars race home and park
like kittens suckling momma cat
as she purrs them to sleep
in a bundle of warm fur
protected until morning sun
stretches into the brood, and everyone scatters
to discover what changed overnight.


As I stroll down the sidewalk tunnel,
sunshine turns up the volume.
From rainstorm dark
against my upturned collar
to virgin’s veil where
almost certainly a smile quivers
to cat basking bright
as I shed my coat
like a tulip awakening
to gulp in sunlight nectar.

Biography: Diane Webster's challenge as a poet is to remain open to poetry ideas in everyday opportunities as well as those moments of epiphany. Then to allow her imagination to evolve that idea into a poem. Diane's work has appeared in “Philadelphia Poets”, “The Hurricane Review”, “Illya's Honey” and other literary magazines.