the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lisa Pellegrini - 1 Poem

The Rhythm of a Purr

It flows like unimpeded blood,
chastising us for mocking
life's simplicities,
for disregarding their
magical power and

their power to surprise.
Her song calms our own blood
with its subtle seduction
that refuses to take no
for an answer.

Feel the rumble
of the mini motor that dwells
within the feline form,
an engine in and of itself.
Enjoy the exquisite dance

Do not pull your
hand away too soon,

lest the beauty of the moment
escapes you.
Let the notes wash over you,
like the immortal jingle of bells
from Christmases past.

BIOGRAPHY: Lisa Pellegrini is a graduate of Beaver College (now Arcadia University) with a Bachelor's degree in English. Her poetry has been published in the anthologies Voices and Whispers, by Iliad Press. In 2005, she wrote and self-published a romantic mystery novel, Kiss the Devil Goodbye, through Borders' Personal Publishing program. She has written and published over 160 short stories and poems on, a collaborative writers' website.