the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sanju Unjore - 1 Poem

A Call to My Brothers

The setting sun rising
the mood for a warm evening.
Beckoning the chilled elixir
in a discrete corner of the tavern.
Brothers scattered
in the everyday chores of livelihood.
Calling for a reunion
to recount the tales of the past and the present
while dreaming the future.
The chilled elixir regroups
the old warriors
that came through thick and cold
with an abundance
of laughter and jokes.
Boring monologues of some.
Silence of others.
Teases of mine.
Reminiscing the days
when we used to study
weird theories
and multi-veiled doppelgangers.
When we used to quarrel discussions
and planned adventurous escapades.
To the lake without ducks.
Near the old-bridge
and the remote playground
under the masking mango tree.
Treasuring these rare unforgettable moments
of brotherhood around the chilled elixir...

Biography: Sanju Unjore, from Mauritius is a researcher and English language teacher. He writes occasionally depending on his mood, inspired and influenced by his entourage and his teasing Muse.