the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sarah E. White - One Poem


Anxiety, that dirty little word
Like a thousand hot knives penetrating my chest
The insane tightening of a heavy rope
Cinching tight, then tighter
Needles bearing down stabbing into me
Over and over they jab me
Piercing me through and through
I can hardly breathe yet they stab on
A gouging, a deep penetrating into my heart
Gripping at my lungs and squeezing ever so tightly
The words and actions of others are silently killing me
Like the muscled body of a serpent
Constricting the life right out of me
They continue to squeeze
Making me gasp at the invisible air
Oxygen, just a figment to my panicked mind
Then the fear filters in again
Fear of anything, fear of everything
It grips me and just holds on
Shaking me fiercely within its jaws, cold blooded fear
Leaving me worn, ragged, exhausted
Craving safety
Under the covers of my mind hiding like a child
Feet pulled up tight
The whole time thinking, breathe, just breathe, all you have to do is breathe
Breathing the fear away
Until next time

Biography: Sarah E. White is a native of Kentucky living now in Florida with her family. She began writing years ago and had her first works published in 1994. Her previous work can be found in The Devil’s Advocate, Going Dark, The Camel Saloon, Books on Blog: Don’t Get it Twisted, The Fringe Magazine, The Rainbow Rose, and Dead Snakes.