the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tegally Mushiirah - One Poem

Irresistible Sweetie

Made of fresh cow milk
Sprinkled with lemon juice
With a smooth mixture of flour
Few grams of sugar
Flavoured with powdered cardamom
Richly dipped in a pool of rose flavour
Irresistible in shape
Appealing in its flavour,
Tempting in its shape
You make millions taste one
To double and triple...
You bring a smile on each face
While increasing the worries of many
Rich in sweet diabetes,
You are tempting and exquisite
As tasty as Maple Syrup
As sweet as honey
One will eat you in a gulp
Another one will appreciate you slowly
Another one will squeeze you if you are completely drenched
Some will simply swallow you for your shape
Crammed full with a sense of wonderful taste
Mouth-watering to those who cannot help but watch you,
Millions eat you every day
Consumed under strict supervision
Many succumb to you
This special spongy, yummy goodie is baptized as

Biography: Tegally Mushiirah is a young university student completing her English degree. Writing is her passion while helping is her motto. She likes to dream a lot as well!