the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sarah E. White - Two Poems

My Disconnected Head

My disconnected head floats up
Away from where I stand
I watch as it drifts in the breeze
As it weightlessly ascends
Billowing slightly left, then right
As if waving to me
Turning freely
As it floats toward the bright blue up above
No limits
It casts a small shadow over me now as it whirls around
Where is it off to?
I truly wonder
How can it be so light and free?
How can it just drift away so carelessly?
So weightless
No worries or burdens to chain it down
No sadness or frowns that grip and pull
The heaviness of anger and regret
No longer have their hold on me
My disconnected head floats up
No strings, no gravity
No more fear as its anchor
I could learn a lot from my disconnected head
If only I could unload this weight from my heart
So I could float up and join it
And reconnect my head

Questions of the Heart

Making up my mind can be difficult
I like to be sure before I wager
I waffle, stammer and brood
Over such decisions as how to respond to a comment five days ago
I sit and simmer over what to say in a birthday card
Or even in a phone call
What to say?
What to do?
Where to eat tonight?
I cannot decide
Indecisive my mind has become
But when it comes to questions of the heart
My thoughts never waver
Decisions made not only with my mind
But with my entire being
Do not stay unanswered long
Those choices are made with the swiftest of blows
With quiet clarity
All is seen and exposed
Laid as a path before me
Love is not a choice
It is dream into reality
It is existence
Life giving breath that you have no choice but to breathe
Breathe in and blossom
Savoring each delicious droplet of a new and sweet world
Questions of the heart made clear
Answered with my body, mind and spirit
Biography: Sarah E. White is a native of Kentucky living now in Florida with her family. She began writing years ago and had her first works published in 1994. She is influenced by the works of Anne Sexton, Zora Neale Hurston, Nikki Giovanni, and Ogden Nash. Her previous work can be found in The Devil’s Advocate, The Camel Saloon, Books on Blog: Don’t Get it Twisted, The Fringe Magazine, The Rainbow Rose, and Dead Snakes.