the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nazra Emamdee - One Poem

Sacred Bath

Inhale… Calculated breathing …Exhale
Inhale… Before it calls for suffocation, let me call for what I want …Exhale
Inhale… No, I do not know how to swim but yet …Exhale

I wish to float onto the salty you
Water, water…

While you massage in your own soothing ways the back part of me
Kiss my ears and make me deaf to the loud taunts of the world
Inha-le… I want more than your foreplay …Exha-le
Inha-le… Come to me like the thick rain …Exha-le
Inha-le… Hit me hard to my senses with pressure …Exha-le

Spare yet my breathing organs but cleanse all other cells
Water, water…

I wish to turn over, to look away from that blinding world
Give me that one huge air bubble for my breathing and let me float yet
Inha-a-le… My purification seeks for a deeper therapy …Exha-a-ale
Inha-a-le… I wish to walk down there …Exha-a-ale
Inha-a-le… Let me in, take me down to your chest ...Exha-a-le

Take me in your embrace and soothe me more
Take all the dirt away and wash me off all the filthy touches to whiteness
Water, water…

It is time to shrink the air bubble
Hold me tight, all for yourself for I do not wish to resist
Hold down my hands, hold down my legs
Take me more, kiss my soul
Inha_... Tame my mouth …Exha_
Inha_... Blend with my blood …Exha_
Inha_... Purify my mind, purify my heart …Exha_

Clean it all, take the thoughts, take the pain
Take that ultimate dirt called life off me
Purge me clean and send me back …____

Biography: Nazra Emamdee is a young poet from Mauritius island. She likes to write about local and social issues. Two of her poems have been published in two different local newspapers already.