the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Monday, 12 December 2011

Nazra Emamdee - One Poem

The Mad Lover

This afternoon I saw him again
The sweaty brown young man
Looked like he won the bargain

With curly and greasy hair
Springing so heavily down his cheeks
He was with his imaginary pair

In a hibiscus patterned shirt
Dirty jeans pulled up to his navel
He was indifferent to the dirt

Not even wearing boots
He was trading for his way
With numb and barbecued foots

On the grilling pavement
Down the street of Bell Village
He was walking and talking excitement

He must have bestowed away his heart
For he was engrossed in his conversation
With a shy smile causing his black lips to part

In simple and broken words
He was mastering and sharing his joy
Head in sublime courtesy bent forward

He was addressing absolutely nothing
Far from his sorrow
Wherefrom I watched him and everything

In too tight high heels
A possessive pain residing my spine
A permanent moody feel

Which even tactics
Cannot maliciously traffic away for peace
Forget magic

Biography: Nazra Emamdee is a young poet from Mauritius island. She likes to write about local and social issues. Two of her poems have been published in two different local newspapers already.