the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Monday, 28 November 2011

Felino A. Soriano - Three Poems

Various Tessellations 15
—after Karen Fitzgerald’s painting, Burning Pearl
Pearls contain clementine reflections. 
to this rage of inward glow                  at
                                                                        parameters                               flow
induces partial flame  
synchronized ornamental prophecies beyond bodily worth                 the
                        symmetry of health comprehends when held
wholly within hand of adoptive disposition.
Various Tessellations 16
—after Paul Motian’s Casino
Night of desolation.
Hand of magical mimesis.
Opponent of gift lights,
            to the hiding dynamic of dissipated timekeeping,
Requesting monetary deviation.
Smoke into twirling barrage of
dancing halos
                                    crowning pearl of rarity, win   win
syncopated hope then
desolate again, traveler, another temporal anecdotal
Various Tessellations 17
—after Paul Motian Trio’s Birdsong
Wire dance, paused vernacular you’ve
become an etched insulation, varied.
            Saddened now you’ve
orchestrated denial, ascended angled psalms of
                                                                                                mobile interpretations.  Rejuvenation
within tomorrow’s solid music, rhythm
volume oscillating constructs:
below the
italicized watchers entail
burdened absence, succinct as wind amid
a branch’s naked cleansing, autumnal.  Can the
                                                                                                whisper of your fingered song
rotate into twirled aspect of neoteric dancer?
                        My answer
forgoes logical nuances, suppositional where
isolation gilds broken heirlooms:
                                                                                                trio of cadenced sorrow
purpling closeness as if bruised through intention, and
                                                heal of rounded scar
escapes pain of the original graving
skin inward reflectional
                        withdrawn into back