the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sarah E. White - Two Poems

The Crash

The staggered stumble that is my life
How did I ever land here?
I have no memory of this journey
Only the crash of the landing
My body is still aching from the fall
The bruises are fresh
They have yet to fade
The healing goes slowly
When you’re working through the pain
Rebuilding a life from the remnants of the past
The wreckage lays scattered
Cast about carelessly
All the little pieces of nothing
Now must be dealt with
Little pieces of memories
Things I don’t recall
Useless clues to how I landed here
An island of wreckage
Of lost history
Still feeling the bruises that I don’t remember receiving
I have stumbled to a stop
Crashed here alone
Forced to heal
Before staggering on
To the chaos of my life

Words for the Tasting

Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking
Speaking the words is just an impossibility
I am just unable to say them
Unable to hear them as they spew from my mouth
The words sting my tongue
As they move past my teeth
As they move past my lips
I bite down and clench my jaw on them
Holding them back a bit longer
Words like hot lava simmer in my throat
Those bitter words swallowed whole and simmer there
Words burn tears through my eyes
Singeing my cheeks
Burning holes in my pillow
If only I could speak the words somehow
If they tasted better
If they sounded better
Maybe I could say them
If only I could put them together
To express my thoughts
But I can’t
It hurts
Hurts like hell
Tears at my seams, barely holding together
These words are of no use
They fall on deaf ears
So I bite down and swallow them whole