the sun is sparkling, the rain rumbling, and we badly need some poetry...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Jason E. Hodges - One Poem

Stepping From Photos

The day before yesterday’s yesterday
I gazed upon photos of you
In a place I wished I could have gone
Climbed into a shot captured by the click of a button through the eye of a lens
Your image frozen in the happiest of times
Oh how I yearned for a better tomorrow, a better today
One without the turmoil that has wrapped itself around me
Stepping into your photos was my only escape
Escape from the hospitals with their dim gray lighting and square tiled floors
With hallways of never ending paces from people wondering if they’ll ever go home
Escape from the watching of shadows spider web slowly over buildings
As the sun falls on the backside of the city
Escape from the lights of the night coming alive in the in the skyline
Through the pane glass I stared at another day passed
Another bill stacked
Oh how I wished for something to change
For an angel to fall from the sky or leap from the photos I clung to
But nothing falls to the needing or jumps to the wanting
At least this is what we are thought to believe
Until the inconceivable happens
You stepped from the photos with my last bit of hope
An angel from the snapshots of time
It was like I reached up in a star filled sky and pulled down the dream I was dreaming
The need I was needing
For sometimes hope keeps itself hidden till just the right moment
Unseen to the unfocused, like the sky-colors bending after the storm
Hidden till all of the badness is gone the rainbow will always emerge
Like a jazz player blowing his horn through the smoke filled bar
Seeing waves of music move just in front of him for the first time
For the smoke was the canvas he needed to see what he had felt for years
Whispers of wishes coming true in the pages of my life